"I was always adventurous as a kid. My parents encouraged me to take risks. My dad taught scuba diving and I was hooked from a very young age. I did my first wreck dive at 16. We were inside the wreck and my mask flooded. I couldn't see, panicked and started gulping water. There was a roof above my head so I couldn't shoot to the surface. Through the blurry water I saw my Dad. I knew he was there. I calmed myself, cleared my mask and breathed again. He trusted me to get myself out of the pickle I was in. I felt like a champion!"  

Hazel trained at Mountview and East 15 Acting School.  A natural clown from a very early age Hazel has toured a successful 4* sketch show, toured in various theatre productions, lent her voice to documentary's, podcast stories and adverts. 

She co-founded the successful family theatre company Likely story. Which has been touring work since 2006. likelystory.org.uk


She is currently touring worldwide with a solo street show.  ablemable.org.uk 







Kirsty Harris is an artist and maker, specialising in installation and performative works. She makes work that puts the audience at the centre of the experience and then guides them to weave their own story into the fabric of their environment. Kirsty transforms spaces so those who enter them can also be transformed, be it in a thought, an emotion or thier view of the world. She believe in real objects, tangible connections and the importance of generosity and play in both the making and manifestation of live work for an audience.


Kirsty works in found environments, landscapes and theatres. She has made work for babies aged 6months and all the ages that come after. She has led design-based workshops for The Old Vic, The National Theatre The National Trust, The V&A and Kensington Palace, 


She has worked for companies including Wildworks, Kneehigh, Punchdrunk, Shunt, Chichester Festival Theatre, The Young Vic, DreamThinkSpeak, Kensington Palace and Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) on a freelance basis and has been commissioned to make her own work for BAC, Southbank Centre, The Discover Centre, National Theatre Walses, The Museum of London, The National Trust and other organisations. 

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