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In Autumn 2017 we are touring the show through Battersea Arts Centre's Community Touring Network. This is supported by the Arts Centre England. Battersea Arts Centre are also producing our 2018 tour. We will be coming to a bit of land near you! We are very proud and excited about this partnership!

Almost Always Muddy is an immersive story telling experience. This family show happens in two parts. A risky play, loose parts, ‘den making’ workshop that builds the world of the show. Followed by a live improvised storytelling, following the story of Paper Bag Girl. 



We will explore risk, risk benefit, play, risky playgrounds, dens, and the spaces children build to push the limits of risk taking. We aim to challenge and transform the damagingly fearful attitude that has grown around creating safe 'play spaces' for children. Using the ‘loose play’ model we will give children true agency in building the world of the story and shaping the story thats told.  

WalesLab supported the first stages of development. First we headed to Wrexham, North Wales. There we visited Plas- Madoc, The Land. This fiercely progressive project opened our eyes to the limits we can push risk in play and the benefits to young people for allowing this to happen.


We then developed a series of build workshop and explored a storytelling structure. Rounding it off with a scratch performance at Adamsdown School, Cardiff.

Arts Council England and Battersea Arts Centre supported our second stage of development. We worked with Oasis Play and Shaftesbury Park Primary in the development. 


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