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Almost Always Muddy

Almost Always Muddy

This new piece of work for a family audience is an interactive, improvised, instrument of play!

Enter the Story Yard, a place full of possibility and potential. The audience are greeted by ‘The Story Yard Keepers’. They are handed 'Story Builder' belts, wooden mallets and pegs and invited to use their imaginations and the materials around them to build the places stories can happen. 


Young Story Builders create underwater kingdoms, future towns, mountains, dens, a vampire graveyard! The landscape morphs from a yard of discarded junk, pallets, tubes, ropes, nets, into a magical place for adventure. 



The grownups are also invited to play and build. They are invited to take part in a secret building mission. A surprise for the Story Builders. 


Once the building is complete five improvisers transform the audience's creation into a theatrical storytelling of Paper Bag Girl's Adventure with live music, live making and special effects. The story is improvised and led by the world the young people have built and the suggestions they give. The show is unique to each audience and the risks they are willing to take with their building and imaginations.

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